Whom are National Suit Drive donations helping?

As our nation's unemployment rate remains high, the need for supportive programs focusing on job training and employment services for jobless men is more important than ever. Without them, many transitioning men would be alone as they work hard on their journey to find gainful employment.

National Suit Drive donations are distributed to our nonprofit partners running these programs.

Through the National Suit Drive, you lend your support by giving these men a look they feel proud of—just what they need to feel confident walking into a job interview.

All donations go toward helping these men take a significant step closer to self-sufficiency and improving their lives from the inside out.

To what organizations are National Suit Drive going?

Clothing donations from the community will be collected at each of our Men's Wearhouse. National Suit Drive nonprofit recipient organizations are identified and selected in the communities that our stores serve. The clothing donations are given to agencies that meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a charitable nonprofit organization that holds a 501(c)(3) IRS status
  • Organization's mission includes job readiness and skills training programs for disadvantaged young and adult men in need
  • Organized clothing closet area to securely store clothing
  • Reliable transportation to pick up clothing from Men's Wearhouse store location(s) as requested
  • Volunteer staff to sort the donations (about 60-70% of donated clothing is usable)
  • Provide wardrobe services to clients who are serious job seekers
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Interested in becoming one of our non-profit partners? Contact us for program details.