Merchandise Donation Program

Men's Wearhouse donates millions of dollars worth of our slow-moving merchandise to nonprofit organizations (nationwide) that have programs aligned with our initiative to help men striving for self-sufficiency. The nonprofit organizations that receive our merchandise must meet these criteria:

  1. They must be an organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Federal Internal Revenue Code, and/or exempt under Section 501(c)(3), and not a private foundation (other than an operating foundation described in Section 4942(j)(3)).
  2. The goods will be used in compliance with IRC Section 170(e)(3) and Reg. Sections 1.170A-4A(b)(2) and (3).
  3. The Mission Statement of recipient nonprofit organization must include providing wardrobing services, career development, and/or job placement to the male population described below:
    • Former Foster Care youth
    • Developmentally disabled
    • Veterans
    • Recovering substance abusers
    • Ex-offenders
    • Transitioning homeless
    • Long-term unemployed
  4. The nonprofit organization must have proof of adequate storage space and security for donated merchandise.
  5. The clients served by the nonprofit organization must not be required to attend religious services in order to benefit from receiving donated merchandise.

If your organization fits the above criteria and you would like to apply to receive our donated merchandise, email us here and we will contact you.

National Suit Drive
Men's Wearhouse realizes that we cannot meet the merchandise needs of all worthy nonprofit organizations that are assisting men in this capacity. Therefore, we have committed to hosting an annual National Suit Drive. See more information about this year's National Suit Drive