Giving Back


The Men's Wearhouse believes in giving back to the communities we serve and the population that supports us. We extend our company's citizenship arm on both a local and national level.

Local giving is determined by each of our Men's Wearhouse and Men's Wearhouse & Tux store locations. Our stores are familiar with the needs of their communities and support their neighborhood nonprofit organizations with gift card donations and volunteerism through our employee MatchMoney Program.

It is the goal of Men's Wearhouse to make sure that no men are denied the opportunity to be good providers, responsible citizens and positive role models because they lack the appropriate wardrobe to land a job. As one of the largest men's retail chains, Men's Wearhouse has focused its national philanthropic efforts to help men that have made the internal changes necessary to re-enter the workforce but are still hamstrung by their outward appearance. After all, helping men look and feel their best is what our business is all about.

Through our Merchandise Donation Program, as well as our National Suit Drive, we've committed to providing professional clothing to nonprofit organizations that have workforce and job readiness programs including the following populations:

  • Former Foster Care youth
  • Developmentally disabled
  • Veterans
  • Recovering substance abusers
  • Ex-offenders
  • Transitioning homeless
  • Long-term unemployed

By providing these men with professional attire, we are helping them to get back into the workforce and to become self-sufficient, and we are confident their renewed resolve will have an impact on their families and communities.