Things Wear Out


You can rest assured that the suits you buy from us will still look good in a few years. If you’ve shopped elsewhere, however, or perhaps you have attempted to look like a TV sports commentator, you may need a new wardrobe. (Being fashion-forward is a lot of work for a dubious reward.)


But there are other considerations. Men get new clothes to reward themselves for a job well done or to look good enough to land a better one. Sometimes a man finds that he’s become a full size larger or smaller. If you’ve lost some fat, that’s good news. If you’ve put on muscle, that’s good news. If it’s not muscle you’ve put on, you’re still going to look a lot less hefty in a new suit that fits properly. If it’s more than a 10-pound weight gain, then you’re probably going to look better in a bigger size.

And then, once in a while, a man buys new clothes to replace something that has just worn out. Your suit is worn out if it is frayed, pilled, or has holes in it. If the lapels or front of the jacket have begun to show bubbles, the suit has had too many dry cleanings and needs to be replaced.

// Don’t feel bad. Clothes wear out, even a bit faster than we do //

Your shirt is worn out if it is frayed at the collar or the cuffs. This can be accelerated by excessive starching. A shirt should look new. If it doesn’t, you can take it out of the dress shirt rotation and wear it under a sweater on Saturday.

Your shoes are worn out when a competent shoe repairman says, “Forget new soles and heels, these uppers are ready for the compost.”