A Pocket And A Place For Everything

If a bag is necessary for your stuff, it’s better to carry it in an appropriate bag rather than overload your person. If anybody makes wisecracks, you can always hit ‘em with your murse.

How wearing the right suit means you’ll have less to carry around.

Technology is supposed to simplify life, and it has. At least we don’t have to walk around with pockets full of quarters anymore. But men still have lots of stuff to carry around, which can present complications.

The best approach to managing men’s stuff is to be ruthlessly efficient.

A man’s wallet should be a slim thing, whether carried it in his jacket or trousers. It’s no place for the family photo album or every plastic card in your collection. Big wallets will wear out your trousers and can seriously affect the back if you sit on them. If you don’t believe it, check your veteran jeans for a wallet imprint.

One solution is to use a minimal card case that fits into the side pocket of your trousers without presenting too much bulk. And hopefully it will not be competing with a janitor-sized key ring, a big wad of bills, and a mobile phone.

It’s good to have a key ring that’s easy to change, too. Before you leave home for the day or for the evening, figure out what cards you’ll need and what keys, and change accordingly. This should take a minute or less and will result in increased comfort and better fitting clothes.

If you’re a guy who is a cash customer, you might want to carry a money clip. This isn’t a necessity of life, but it can be handy to keep a decent-sized bankroll folded neatly.

A mobile phone, a source of not-so-insignificant radiation, should not be carried in a pocket over your vitals. The suit jacket side pocket is a pretty good spot for stowing it, and you can connect it to your mouth and ear with a little discreet wiring. That’s more stylish than sporting a Bluetooth headset. Wearing your phone on your belt tends to typecast you in the same way that a pocket protector does.

One of the most compelling reasons for a man to wear a suit jacket, blazer, or sport coat today is that it instantly provides three to five additional pockets, and you won’t be sitting directly on any of them. One good reason to have a buttoning pocket inside your jacket is in case you want to stow a wallet in there.