• A fine suit, such as a classic navy blue, is like a great tool. It doesn’t just do one thing, it gives you the ability to master a lot of different situations. Wear it with a classic blue shirt or a chambray work shirt. Pair it with a striped tie for a getting-down-to-business look.

  • Wear your blue suit with a white spread collar French-cuffed shirt, elegant cuff links, and a striped or polka dot silk tie with a Half Windsor knot for an extra dash of confidence.

  • Wear the jacket of your blue suit with a contrasting pant like a grey dress slack or even a pair of jeans. The blue blazer is your 6th man off the bench, it’s your go-to guy. When you don’t know what to do, this is what you grab.


  • Wear your blue suit with a plaid shirt and solid knit tie and you’ll look like you’re going places, even if you don’t leave your desk that day.


  • Wear a polo, a turtleneck or a quality sport shirt under your suit, cool sporty socks and suede shoes. Don’t forget to tuck it in! If it’s cool outside and you’re slim enough, you can even wear a slender V-neck sweater or a plaid or contrasting vest underneath.


  • Wear your blue suit with a crisp boldly colored or patterned dress shirt with the collar open, but otherwise buttoned up. Leave your work shoes at home and wear a pair of dressy loafers in black or dark brown.