A Little Advice From Esquire, Exclusively at Men's Wearhouse


You’re a guest at someone’s home and you’ve just dripped, dropped or spilled something on yourself.
Sure, you could ask for help, but odds are, they’ll have what you need, if you’re brave enough to go
looking. Check out this handy guide to what you’ll need and where you can find it.

Baking Soda

For Coffee - Add water to make
a paste. Apply, let dry, then rinse.

Corn Starch

For Grease - Apply to stain. Dry.


For Red Wine - Sprinkle on wet
stain and dry with towel.

Club Soda

For Anything - Sponge onto wet
stain and dry with towel.

Dish Soap

For Anything - Apply to stain,
wait ten minutes, and wash.


For Ink - Spray onto stain,
let dry, and then wash.


For Soiled Shirt Collar -
Brush on and launder.

Nail Polish Remover

For Nail Polish - On light fabrics,
sponge onto stain and wash.

Rubbing Alcohol

For Grass - Sponge on and
wash with detergent.


For Sweat Stains - Drop
two pills in water,
soak stain in solution.

Now you could
get back to looking
good and enjoying
the party!

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